The Christian Gentleman's Online Forum

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What Is The Christian Gentleman’s Online Forum?

1. An environment for healthy debate, discussion, learning and community building

2. An online space for groups to discuss crucial and vital questions and topics that are pertinent to Christian men, such as:

  • Mental, emotional & spiritual health
  • Our roles & responsibilities as Christian men today
  • Building better, healthier and more righteous relationships
  • Societal & cultural issues and problems around us
  • Standing up to tyranny, injustice and evil in the world around us
  • Creating more value in our lives, humanly, materially & financially

What Is The Purpose Of The Forum?

The purpose of the Fellowship Forum is to provide a meaningful, mature and healthy environment for collective debate in helping us all to face, better understand and seek solutions to the most important and challenging issues and forces affecting us, our families, children and communities today.

There is a huge amount happening in our world today that challenges us in our faith, our courage, our boldness, our love and ability to keep to Christ’s commandments, both inside our front doors and outside of them. At the same time the enemy is operating more and more in plain sight throughout our culture and society, which challenges us, as men, to better confront this where we find it and call it out for what and where it is. 

Through positive, healthy and meaningful interactive group discussions the aim of the Forum is to empower each other into greater clarity, understanding, wisdom and practical focus on finding solutions to our crucial and vital problems.

How Does The Forum Operate?

The Forum is hosted by a chairman and conducted online via video conferencing, involving fellow Christian brothers from around Europe, the U.S. and the rest of the word. The session topics and any associated questions are planned and organised in advance so attending members can prepare. On joining the sessions there will be the opportunity for members to hear from others, while also contributing their own opinions, ideas and questions as appropriate. The sessions themselves take place over the course of an hour and are recorded live so the most valuable aspects can be later published and made available via our website.

Are the sessions recorded?

Yes. All sessions are recorded live and a full copy will be available to all who attend. Sections of each recording may be cut and published as content on our website, with  appropriate permissions.

How long are the Forum sessions?

One hour. Although there will be an allowance for going longer than this if/when necessary.

When do the sessions take place?

Once to several times per month, depending on availabillity and demand.

How do I take part?

Register for notifications and an invitation to the Forum sessions by filling in the registration form below. We will be in touch directly about available times and details of the next scheduled Forum session. 

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