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“Finally, all of you be of one mind, having compassion for one another; love as brothers, be tenderhearted, be courteous” ~ 1 Peter 3:8

What Is The Purpose For Our Fellowship?

Our research has shown there is a clear and obvious need for biblical masculinity. Men of faith, rooted in biblical principles and Christ’s commandments with a healthy balance of fortitude, firmness, humility and compassion. Men of moral courage and virtue with the integrity of character and valour to stand for truth against the increasing injustice, evil and tyranny of the world.

The Fellowship For Christian Gentlemen is partnered with The Christian Response Forum with the combined aim of understanding and bringing together the Body of Christ worldwide, in order to be more collectively unified in Christ. In line with this, ‘the Fellowship’ was created specifically for bringing men of Christ together through a pragmatic platform that enables us to find the resources and focus on things we don’t have elsewhere, such as support groups and means for personal development.

Here we can gather to inspire each other, share opinions, ask and answer questions and grow strong bonds with other like-minded, like hearted and like spirited Christian men from all around the world. This is a community for supporting and holding one another accountable to our faith, as well as our growth and development.

The ‘fellowship’ is for the relationships and bonds of brotherhood that are built. ‘Gentlemen’ is for the standards we in the fellowship maintain.

Who Are We?

Kris Deichler

Kris Deichler

A Mentor, Coach & Entrepreneur From England, UK...

As a boy I grew up in the small South Devon seaside town of Torquay, England. After university and working in London for nearly a decade, being a rat in the rat race had left me extremely unfulfilled and despondent.

It was after working with my mentor, Shaun, from Lighthouse Global that I left my 9-5 to become a full-time Lighthouse Associate Partner in 2012, training as a Life & Business Mentor, under then Chairman Paul Waugh, as well as being part of the core leadership team. It’s thanks to my work and involvement with Lighthouse that I became a Christian, as it’s a community committed to seeking the truth of our human potential and sooner or later anyone seeking that will find Christ.

My work has led me to experientially learn about many areas of human growth and development and entrepreneurship. It’s also revealed the huge and underlying gaps in people’s upbringings across the board – compared to what is possible – that leave people (as it did me) woefully ill prepared for the world in terms of life skills.

From 2018, as I and my colleagues at Lighthouse began to embrace Christianity and give our lives to Christ we began to face hateful criticism and persecution online, based on malicious lies and disinformation. Dealing with and facing this unexpected trial, even from my own family, I realised the need for fortitude, to be more courageous and forthright in my stand against wickedness and evil in the world.

It’s my passion to use my experiences and knowledge in helping others forge strong relationships and to develop the fortitude, character and competence they’ve always wanted to have. To become better, husbands, fathers, brothers, friends, professionals and disciples of Christ who can stand boldly for the truth and achieve the things God gave them the potential for.

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